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Use of pure localStorage in angular 8 application to save data.

In Angular 8, how to use pure localStorage to save the app state or token details and etc.
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In this article, In angular 8 using pure localStorage method to save the token authentication states or different app states into localStorage.


LocalStorage is one of the Web storage property to save the states or data with no expiration date and time. You can store and access data from web storage in the browser will persist even after the browser window has been closed.


1) Node js. Click here to install nodejs.

2) Angular Framework, If you do not know how to install angular in your system please check this article install Angular

To use localStorage in your angular applications, There are some methods to set, get, remove and clear


Add key and value to localStorage.

const person = {
   name'Obaseki Nosa',


Retrieve value by the key from localStorage.

const user = JSON.parse(localStorage.getItem('user'));


Remove an item by key from.



Clear all localstorage data.


Limitations and of localStorage

1) localStorage supports 5MB limit across all major browsers.

2) localStorage is less secure data without protection anyone can access this data.

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Bhagwan V Zade
8 September 2020

Very helpful article for angular app.

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