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How to write python django rest api for backend developement - Part 2

We are here to see how we can write web API using Python language and the Django framework. Using this we can see demo for movie collection todo list.
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Django rest api for backend developement - Part 2

In previous part-1 we already setup python and virtual environment. If you not seen how we setup python and virtual environment please go to part-1 for installing python, pip and virtual environment.

click here for part-1

In this part 2 we are going to create movie collection todo list in django rest framework

Lets start with short from part 1

mkvirtualenv MovieTodoListProject

#If virtual environment not started please use below command to start project virtual environment

workon MovieTodoListProject

pip install django

After this follow this steps for create movie todo list django rest api project

1) For creating Django project the command is

django-admin startproject MovieToDoList

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