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How to create Django App for python django website or application

How to create a Django python app or website for creating a complete web app. To create a Django web app you need python language.

Django App

Django is python web framework to develop the complete web app. Django provides rest api feature to develop the restful api using python language. Django is used Python language to create django web app .



  1. Python Language, here is link to downlaod python.
  2. Python Coding


Setup for Django App

1) Download Python, here is link to downlaod python

2) If Python done installing. Be sure python already set environment variable.

3) If Python not already set python environment variable follow the link to set python environment variable.

4) Download and Install PIP in windows. Follow the blog to install PIP in windows.

5) Django app need virtual environment to install virtual environment use command

pip install virtualenvwrapper-win

6) For create virtual environment use command

mkvirtualenv project_name

# example
mkvirtualenv MovieTodoList

7) For opening created virtual environment use command

workon project_name
# example
workon MovieTodoList

8) Now install all libraries which is necessary for MovieTodoList Python Django Project. Example

pip install django

9) Create Django Project for application or website

django-admin startproject MovieToDoList

This will create MovieToDoList django project. Open this project in any python editor. I prefer Visual Code

In this MovieToDoList project directory some files which is needed for django app is created when you create django app.

In this above list having file which is your main file for starting your django app

10) To start or run your django app the command is

python runserver

Now your app is successfully started. Bellow Image is your app page

11) To run this app on browser just use this link or http://localhost:8000/

The install worked successfully! Congratulations!


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