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Enable Secure Shell (SSH) from CPanel in Namecheap Shared Hosting Service

Here we are enble ssh (Secure Shell) to log into your the system using secure channel. We can exchange data using SSH between devices.
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Secure Shell (SSH)

It uses encryption to secure connection between two devices i,e client and server.

This is useful to control remote hosting and having permission to add, edit, etc hosting files or directories.

You can easily manage your database like Import database from your local to server

It is difficult to use or complicated to run.

Sometime it is very risk to use the Secure Shell.

You can manage SSH from cpanel in namecheap shared hosting provider to enable or disabled the SSH shell.

Here is you will find the Manage SSH, first open the CPanel from your shared hosting provider. E,g, in Namecheap

CPanel -> Exclusive for Namecheap Customers -> Manage SHell

Open Manage shell and you will find option the enable or disable the SSH access from client to server.

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